The Truth About The Friend-zone

In today’s society rejection plays a key role in many of life’s avenues. Rejection for a job can either push you to become a more qualified applicant for future applications or demoralize you into giving up. Rejection for night club admission might make you question your appearance and either push you to improve your looks or make you seek other social hangouts that are already more suited to you. However there is an area in which rejection almost 100% of the time leads men to giving up. Continue reading


Good girls get fucked over? In what universe?

Let me start by explaining something here ladies. Good girls don’t get fucked over. At least not nearly as often as the public narrative would have you believe. Girls who only think they’re good get fucked over. Girls who over exaggerate their own worth, while under exaggerating everyone else’s, get fucked over. If you want to avoid getting fucked over let me offer you this little piece of advice. Continue reading

Chivalry Dead? Or Just Incompatible With Today’s Modern Woman?

I was browsing the youtubes when I came accross a couple of videos by a man who goes by the handle “WisdomThroughLogic” entitled “My Experience with the modern woman” and “How Feminism Screwed my Generation”(Links at bottom). In these videos he discusses a few observations he’s made on dating, marriage, how we’re raised these days and how we’re completely unprepared for even the basics of dating. Well, not really. We’re fully prepared for dating, just not dating today. Continue reading