The Truth About The Friend-zone

In today’s society rejection plays a key role in many of life’s avenues. Rejection for a job can either push you to become a more qualified applicant for future applications or demoralize you into giving up. Rejection for night club admission might make you question your appearance and either push you to improve your looks or make you seek other social hangouts that are already more suited to you. However there is an area in which rejection almost 100% of the time leads men to giving up.

When a woman rejects a man she (pretends) isn’t even aware is pursuing her, she leaves with him a scar that time will not heal. Consider for a moment the average everyday real world woman. Almost none of them really are high class, celebrity, Scarlett Johansson types. Most women aren’t even in the kind of shape that passes for average in Hollywood or Vogue. Most are just average women. Approximately 130lbs to 160lbs with some weighing as high at 300lbs or more. Approximately 5’0″ to 5’10” in height. Most of her clothes from Walmart and makeup so low grade and cheap most don’t even want the brand they use to be public knowledge.

And yet most think so highly of themselves that they ignore the majority of men pursuing them. Indirect rejection. It’s one thing to know you’re rejected by someone who actually considered you a potential prospect. But to be ignored completely is a hurt that no woman will ever really know.  And what’s more is these women tend to enjoy all the bonuses that come with having a personal friendzone where they can place all the men in their lives that don’t even register to them as men to begin with. All the gifts, the compliments, the nights out “as friends” that he pays for, all the times she drags him out shopping so he can carry all the useless shit she buys. All these bonuses are had without ever the single thought of being upfront with her rejection of him. It’s way of keeping him from moving on to pursue relationships elsewhere. And this is accomplished by some very deceitful and despicable means.

These women accomplish this precisely by their indirectness. By allowing him to continue to believe that what he is pursuing is still attainable. That any day now she will reciprocate his feelings for her back to him. The saddest part of all is how this type of man deceives himself by ignoring the obvious signs. That’s right ladies. I’m not placing complete onus of the responsibility on you. However I am placing the majority of it on you. It may be the saddest part but the very root of any problem is always the best place to apply solutions. And the very root of this particular problem is you’re unwillingness to be upfront about your lack of feelings and continue to allow him to be deluded.  Afraid he’ll actually get what he’s looking for somewhere else? Or are you afraid you’ll lose everything he gives you for nothing in return?

Try to confront one of these women about this. I dare you. You’ll get a slew of bullshit responses all designed to shame you into believing that she is still somehow the victim. A victim of her own ignorance. A victim of his inability to be more clear with his intent. Let me be crystal clear here. These women know full well what their male “friends” feel for them. They choose to claim ignorance when it suits them and choose to cash in on the goodies when it also suits them. They are selfish, self serving, parasites.

This is a major reason why we now have MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way), Zeta males and Soshouko Danshi (Grass Eaters in Japan). More and more men are choosing not to pursue women. And they are doing so in droves. They are waking up and realizing they are nothing but utilities to most women. They are realizing they aren’t really appreciated. They are realizing that, much like most male dominated work areas like constuction and mining,  the sacred holy pussy isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Continue going your own way men. Don’t look back. There is nothing new or improved with the pussy you’re walking away from. It’s all the same thing and it will always be the same thing. Women like to think they hold complete sexual power over men. And historically for the most part this is true. But things are changing and they will continue to change. Men are finally claiming their own sexual power and we refuse to be manipulated and controlled.

Feminism threw out the old deal, and when women try to give it back to us they will only find that men see what a raw deal if really was for us. We don’t want it anymore. It’s too late. Your reign of sexual manipulation is coming to an end. The sexual revolution of men has already begun and it can’t be stopped.


2 responses to “The Truth About The Friend-zone

  1. You sound like an extremely bitter man who has definitely been rejected by a girl you were (or thought you were) close to. Don’t go ruining other people’s lives by spreading rubbish like this, all it means is that those who are too gullible will reject girls who like them. This is an extremely biased and one sided argument, and I’m not sure how you manged to delude yourself this much.

    • Attack me with shaming language rather than attack the subject matter. Great tactic.

      You know what that first sentence reminded me of? You remember back on the grade school playground when one kid would humiliate another in the hopes that the other kids would join in with a chant to humiliate the child further? Yeah, something like that.

      “You’re just bitter, you’re just bitter….” and so on. Grow the fuck up.

      And please tell me how I’m ruining peoples lives by posting an article on a barely read blog. Really. Even if this was the most read blog on the internets I’m sure people have a much better ability to critically think than you seem to give them credit for.

      “Please instruct us O blogger of the interwebs. Teach us not to think so we may blindly follow”

      Anyone who reads my blog and blindly takes it on faith is a moron. I respect those who can provide evidence to the contrary, but not those who use shame tactics to silence and humiliate. It shows you have a weak mind.

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