Good girls get fucked over? In what universe?

Let me start by explaining something here ladies. Good girls don’t get fucked over. At least not nearly as often as the public narrative would have you believe. Girls who only think they’re good get fucked over. Girls who over exaggerate their own worth, while under exaggerating everyone else’s, get fucked over. If you want to avoid getting fucked over let me offer you this little piece of advice.

Lose the fucking narcissism.

No man will ever stay with a women who refuses to acknowledge his needs while demanding he meet every single one of hers no matter how fleeting and unreasonable they may be. You’re not a real princess. Nobody owes you a fucking thing. Try looking at him in the same light you seem to expect him to look at you in.

You know. Reciprocate. In case that’s too alien a concept for you let me explain.

Reciprocation is the act of returning someone’s deed with a deed of equal value. If he does something nice for you, do something nice for him in return. If he says something nice, say something nice to him in return. Even if he doesn’t expect anything in return, do it anyways. Not because he may be expecting it. But to show another concept that may be elusive to you: appreciation.

Yes ladies. Men like being appreciated. We really do. And that appreciation is a great motivator for us to continue with that appreciated behaviour. Un-appreciation however is not. It actually motivates us to discontinue that behaviour. So in reality it is your narcissism, your unwillingness to abandon your socially ingrained sense of entitlement and your inability to see him as equally worthy as you of having his needs met are what really fucks you over. Him leaving your entitled ass is just a catalyst and your perfect scapegoat. You know this is true so shut the fuck up.

If you’re wondering why I’m so angry I have to wonder why you’re not. Pay attention damnit.

Did he used to open doors for you but doesn’t anymore? Ever thought maybe it’s because, in your decision to begin viewing it as expected behaviour which you’re entitled to, you’ve stopped thanking him; you’ve started to simply walk by him without so much as acknowledging he’s done some gentlemanly deed for you?

Did he used to compliment you on your hair but doesn’t anymore? Ever though maybe it’s for the same reason above; you’ve stopped responding to those compliments as if they’re no longer good enough to warrant a response?

There is such a thing as getting too comfortable in a relationship ladies and it usually starts when you stop acknowledging complimentary behaviour in favour of expecting it as normal behaviour; as behaviour you’re entitled to. This may lead you to believe he’s becoming an asshole. And I can see where the confusion may be coming from. After all you’ve been socially conditioned to believe that as a female you can never be at fault. But the truth is you’re already the bitch you’re threatening to become.

You’re welcome.


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