Chivalry Dead? Or Just Incompatible With Today’s Modern Woman?

I was browsing the youtubes when I came accross a couple of videos by a man who goes by the handle “WisdomThroughLogic” entitled “My Experience with the modern woman” and “How Feminism Screwed my Generation”(Links at bottom). In these videos he discusses a few observations he’s made on dating, marriage, how we’re raised these days and how we’re completely unprepared for even the basics of dating. Well, not really. We’re fully prepared for dating, just not dating today.

He makes one great point that I want to highlight here. Today’s modern woman is only interested in the initial “biochemical high” as he puts it in his video. Women today confuse this biochemical high with “Falling in love”. And when it wears off, and we all know it always does, today’s women interpret that as falling out of love. Or, how he puts it in the video, they say “it wasn’t meant to be” or “he’s not my soulmate”.

This point is important because it highlights the mindset of the modern woman looking for a mate. Modern women, as intelligent as they want to be perceived, neglect the fundamental rules of courtship. And they do it willingly. As I said that biochemical high always fades away. But that appears to be all they care about. They know nothing, and want nothing, about compromise. About communication. About solving problems. Once that high wears off they want to run and look for the next guy who’ll give them the high they want. There’s no attempt from her to rekindle that flame or find new ways to keep it burning. She simply moves on. Sometimes even before the relationship is over. Hunting for the new while the old still has something to offer for the time being.

Most women in today’s society can’t seem to grasp the difference. Most don’t even seem to care… until it’s gone that is. Once it’s gone, and I’ve established we all know it eventually will, most women will point blame where none is deserved. Pointing at their partner and claiming he did something to extinguish the flame. Or he didn’t do enough to keep it going. Romantic nights together, dinners out at fancy restaurants, hell, even some innocent fun together on the swings at the local park. None of this seems to count. But let me be clear. It’s not because it doesn’t count, it’s because she’s no longer interested in doing any of these with you. Now that new guy she has her eye on. He’s a different story. Because he represents that next dose of biochemical “heroin” which bring with it that sweet, sweet high.

It all boils down to instant gratification. It doesn’t matter to her if she can’t keep a guy around for any more than a few months. And when it’s put that way it’s easy to see where the problem really lies. With her. And most will probably come up with excuse after excuse, like she had daddy issues or past relationships have left a scar. I say bullshit. The truth is this kind of woman doesn’t really care about you. She cares about what you represent. She cares about what she can take from you. Your wallet, your car, your house, your bed, your credit card. That’s what she sees when she’s giving you that look from accross the bar.  She’s calculating your worth as a utility.

It’s a well known fact that women put far more importance on how a man dresses. She will examine your shoes, your pants, your shirt, jacket and hair before looking you in the eye.  And during this time she has already decided how far she’s willing to let you go. It’s not based on your charm, your wit, your physical attractiveness, sense of humour or your personality. You haven’t shown any at this point, indeed at this point you haven’t even had the chance to yet. It’s all based on her examination of you as a utility.

My Experience With The Modern Woman:

How Feminism Screwed My Generation:


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