In this, my first post in the red pill corner, I’ll be taking a look at the different types of bipolar women. Namely two which I will call “Real Bipolar” and “Fake Bipolar” respectively. Now first, let’s look at some definitions.

Real Bipolar:

A real bipolar is someone (male or female) that suffers from a chemical imbalance in the brain which causes them to swing back and forth from depression to mania. Feeling depressed is relatively self explanatory, however I will describe mania for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term. Mania, as it pertains to bipolar syndrome, is a state of mind where the afflicted experiences great joy or happiness. This usually always causes the afflicted to become highly impulsive, acting purely on impulse without any regard for the consequences. A couple of good examples include, but are not limited to, the afflicted impulsively spending large amounts of money on items they can’t really afford or the afflicted cheating on their spouse or in any other way being unfaithful simply because it felt good at the time. Real bipolars are usually always properly treated and thus depression and mania do not occur too often.

Fake Bipolar:

A fake bipolar is someone (usually always a female) who is fully capable of controlling themselves. However they will  falsely use bipolar syndrome as an excuse not to simply because they don’t want to. Fake bipolars understand the syndrome and the effects that medication will have on them. Because of this they are usually never properly “treated” because they don’t want to be. Even if they are being prescribed proper medication for the syndrome they will almost never take it. Again this is because they understand they don’t need it and they know what messing with a  brain chemistry in working order can do.

With those definitions laid out let me explain the best way, in my experience, to deal with each one. The method for both is the same and can be summed up in one word. RUN! That’s right. Just run. Don’t look back and don’t feel sorry for them. They count on other’s sympathy and will exploit it as much as possible to ruin you and drag you down onto their level. They’re not happy or satisfied and they never will be despite how much they appear to be. It’s an act designed to create a false sense of security. Don’t fall for it.

If you’re just getting involved with someone, or have been for awhile, who claims to be bipolar I highly recommend monitoring their treatment plan closely. If they aren’t taking their medication or attending counselling/therapy like they should be, then be careful. Chances are you’re not dealing with a bipolar at all. Just a selfish cunt.

From this point on I will be focusing solely on the “Fake Bipolars”. “Real Bipolars” do exist and bipolar syndrome isn’t anything to attack. Real bipolars truly need professional help. However fake ones just need a giant fucking dose of reality.

The destructive force of such individuals is almost always greatly underestimated. These people are extremely abusive, both physically and psychologically, and should be avoided like the plague. They deserve nothing less than to die alone with 20+ cats needing good homes. Remember, I speak of “Fake Bipolars”. They aren’t really afflicted with any brain chemistry imbalance. They just pretend to be so they can be excused from much of their toxic and abusive behaviours.

These fakers have most likely been raised to believe that everyone else is responsible for the way they feel. That everyone else is responsible for the fakers happiness and satisfaction. That everyone else is to blame when the faker fucks up. They will never take responsibility for themselves and will never own up to anything. They will point the finger at you and the feminist driven society will most likely comply and look down on you like you need help. As if you need to change.

And this will happen. The moment you forget to validate their unreasonable emotional state or point out something about them that annoys you, it will happen. They will put blame on you no matter how reasoned you are. They will obviously be to blame however they will always turn it around and make you look like the annoyance.

They exercise their hypergamy at every opportunity. Despite how much they want you to believe they care about you the truth is they don’t. You’re just the unfortunate beta male they’ve duped into supporting them financially and emotionally while they spend most of their time with “friends” of the opposite sex. I promise you in almost all cases these “friends” are alpha males they’ve chosen to take care of her sexual needs.

Let me ask you a few rhetorical questions and I want you to ponder these carefully. How often do you make plans with her, only for her to cancel for trivial reasons? Maybe she claims she forgot? Maybe she claims she made plans with a “friend” of hers and just innocently didn’t think about it at the time? Maybe she got invited to an “major” event and couldn’t pass it up? The truth is she doesn’t want to spend time with you. She’s only interested in spending, with you, the minimum amount of time necessary to keep your wallet open and your shoulder fresh for her crying eyes.

How often has she actively made plans with you only to cancel, again, for trivial reasons? Has she ever actively made plans with you, then as little as a few minutes later, called a “friend” and made plans with them right in front of you? Was it for the same time as your plans? Did she tell you she just forgot? Did she tell you she couldn’t make due on your plans rather than cancel with her “friend”? I assume this won’t apply to everyone, it may not apply for most of you, but I’m willing to bet it either applies to some of you or someone you know.

Women like this are highly toxic and only want to destroy you the way she was destroyed by a father who was never around. I say no more.

Enjoy the red pill. The truth will set you free and you’ll be better off for it.

For more information on the red pill and it’s positive effects please head over to A Voice For Men and check out the many blog posts on the subject. I also recommend subscribing to TheHappyMisogynist, johntheother, AngryHarry, pinegrove33 and manwomanmyth on youtube.


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